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Bricktober Volunteer Code of Conduct 2022

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Volunteers – Frequently Asked Questions?

What requirements are there to become a Volunteer for Bricktober?

  • You need to be 18 years or older.
  • Be able to volunteer for at least 4-5 hours on either the Saturday and/or Sunday during the Bricktober event.
  • Must abide by all conditions of our Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Do I get paid during the event?

No, volunteers at Bricktober do not receive any monetary compensation.

What are the benefits of being a volunteer at Bricktober?

Many and great! The benefits include:

  • Knowing that not only are you giving to the community but you can also gain personal satisfaction.
  • Becoming a part of an amazing and fun team that loves LEGO®.

Can I select which role I wish to volunteer in?

Yes you can choose which area you would like to volunteer in, however, we cannot guarantee that you will be.

What should I wear?

All volunteers are required to wear modest and presentable dress and footwear at all times (trousers, and flat closed-in shoes would be appropriate. No bare feet or thongs). Volunteers will be asked to wear a volunteer hi-viz vest so they distinguishable within the crowd.

Any Other Questions?

Email: bricktobervolunteers@outlook.com