Bricktober – Perth 2021 

Volunteer Roles 2021


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Bricktober – Perth 2021 is a project of The Rotary Club of Ascot (Inc.), with funds raised going towards support for programs for young children and other Rotary community project.

We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic and friendly volunteers to assist in the general running of our Bricktober event. Below is a brief description of each of the roles:

Building Competitions:

You will be monitoring conduct of competitions for building during the event. This is where the competitors complete by building LEGO® models. There will be a short briefing session showing you what to do in this area.

Interactive Area:

Energetic and friendly people to oversee this interactive area, to ensure that it is being used appropriately by participants where there will be various activities both inside and outside the stadium.

Exhibition Hall Attendant:

This role involves attending displays to ensure their security, and answering questions, or giving general information about the displays and/or venue facilities.

General Relief:

We need generally skilled and adaptable volunteers, able to slot in wherever required throughout the event and also assist to allow team members to have comfort and refreshment breaks.

Peoples’ Choice:

In this role you will promote participation in, and voting on which display the general public believe is the best choice.

Tickets & Entry:

This role involves management of patrons before and immediately after scanning their pre-purchased entry tickets.

Train & Remote Control:

In this role you will get to drive a LEGO® Train / Remote controlled LEGO® vehicles, and assist members of the public to use them.