New 2020 Competitions


Rules & Conditions

You can only win one of the ‘Online Competitions’ – We like to share the LEGO® fun around.

One prize per competition unless specified.

Judges decision is final.

Winners will be announced on our Facebook Page or emailed direct.

All prizes to be picked up on the specified dates below.





(Bring your COMPLETED entries to 8 Camden St Belmont

10am-2pm Saturday 24st Oct 20210

Funday 2.0

Download a LEGO® colouring page. 

Colour it in before the 24th October 2020 and bring it along to drop off at The Bricktober-Perth 2020 FunDay 2.0 day at 8 Camden St Belmont,  for entry for judging.  This is the last place to submit your entries – no online submissions.

Please write full name, contact details (phone or email) and indicate age and category on back of entry.

Entries close 24th October at 1:59pm. Judges decision is final (Will be judged by a panel of Rotarians after the event).

Please note: All colouring sheets submitted may be used for promotional purposes.

Winners announced on the Thurday 31st  October on our Virtual Show Website.

There is a choice of colouring sheets available if you Google:

“LEGO® colouring in pages”


check out one of the link below.


You can choose any picture from these options in the links above, or find your own and colour them in. (As long as they are correctly drawn pictures of LEGO., no knock offs)

Download and start colouring.

Prizes available in the following age groups:-

BOYS               Age 3yrs – 5yrs                        GIRLS   Age 3yrs – 5yrs

BOYS               Age 6yrs – 9yrs                       GIRLS   Age 6yrs – 9 yrs

BOYS               Age 10yrs -14yrs                     GIRLS   Age 10yrs – 14yrs

Adults             15 and over

Bring them to The Bricktober-Perth 2020 Merchandise Day/ Fun Day 2.0 8 Camden street, on the 24th October 2020.



Start building now, entries open 14th September 2020.

Are you a Master Builder?

Bricktober–Perth is pleased to announce the ‘Future Exhibitors Competition’ for 15 year olds and under.

You have the chance to be awarded the title of “Master Builder” and exhibit at Virtual Bricktober-Perth 2020.

The entry judged the best in each category will be invited to a special ‘Meet the Winners’ day on the Saturday 3rd of October when their display will be set up and photographed.

Each winner will be interviewed about their winning entry by Bricktober-Perth’s own Mr Brick.

Each winner will receive a Bricktober-Perth T-Shirt and a Brick badge.

The competition opens for submissions from 14th September 2020 and closes on 27th September 2020.

But you can start building now!!!

Competition Rules

This is a free – no cost to enter – competition, and in entering you agree to abide by the conditions of the competition and agree to follow instructions given by the organisers of Bricktober-Perth.

Submission of entries open on the 14th September 2020 at 12:01am and closes on the 27th September 2020 11:59pm.

All entries will only be accepted if they are emailed to but NOT BEFORE THE 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020.

No entries sent to us via Facebook or any other form of electronic communication will be accepted. Only entries submitted via the email address above will be accepted – posting it on our Facebook/Instagram or Flickr page will not be accepted as a legitimate entry. Late entries will not be accepted.

Please keep in mind that the show is family friendly and any display found to be overtly offensive – be it violent, sexual, racist or any other reason deemed by the committee – will be removed from entry into the competition.

Previous “Master Builder” winners of the Future Exhibitors competition are not eligible to win again. We like to share the opportunity around to more young builders.

Winners will be contacted via email the week of the 28th September 2020 – 2nd October 2020 – please do not email us asking if you have won.

All entries must have the full name, age, sex and category entered of the builder.

There are 3 categories for individual builders and one team build available for entrants:

Team Build. Mixed age 6-15. (Max 4 builders per team)

Juniors builders 6-8yrs.

Classic builders 9-12 yrs.

Creator builders 13-15yrs.

16yrs and older should have applied as a Full Exhibitor for the show.

Only one entry per child please.

Entries must be of your own design. Limited use of official LEGO® sets will be accepted into the competition as long as the creation is mostly of your own design.

Entries must be easily transportable.

Entries must be no bigger than 1800mm long by 900mm wide or in terms of 32 stud by 32 stud base plates – 7 plates by 3.5 plates.

Entries must be built entirely of LEGO®. No clones/fake or knock off brands allowed.

Entries are to be built by an individual for the classes of: 

Juniors builders 6-8yrs;

Classic builders 9-12 yrs;  and

Creator builders 13-15yrs.

Team builds can have a  max of 4 builders.

Please ensure that you include your name/s, age/s and sex with your photo submission.

A maximum of 4 photos per entry can be submitted. Each photo must be smaller than 2mb.

Any entries that have been photo-shopped will not be accepted.

Appropriate photos may be uploaded by the committee to Bricktober–Perth’s Facebook page and Flickr account, and may be used in promotional material on our web sites, Facebook pages and other related outlets for the purposes to promote the event and any future events. In entering this competition, you agree to allow us to use those images.

The judging panel is made up of the members of The Rotary Club of Ascot and West Coast LUG, and the judges’ decision is final.

This year to include your display in Virtual Bricktober-Perth 2020 we will have you bring your displays along to a day we are calling The Winners Day.

The judges will pick a “Master Builder” from each category that will be invited to bring along their entry for display on the Winners Day. (At the judges discretion, they may or may not pick more than 3 “Master Builders” and 1 Team Build).

Winners of the title of “Master Builder” in each category will be required to bring their creations along to the ‘Winners Day’ for display with all the other Future Exhibitors.

All winners will be given the new t-shirt to wear along with their badge and have their photo taken with their display, we will also interview the Future Exhibitorsabout their display. Team build will also receive a Bricktober-Perth T-shirt each and a Brick badge each.

Set up of displays will be on Saturday the 3rd October from 10:00am until 6:00pm.

If you are unable to bring your creation, the Judges will award the prize to the next suitable entry.

Winners must be accompanied by at least one adult for the whole time of the event. (Can be parent or guardian over 18 years of age).

All winners must abide by the Exhibitors Code of Conduct – Exhibitor Conditions

BricktoberPerth and/or The Rotary Club of Ascot will not be liable for any loss or damage to said creations.




Competition opens 7th September 2020 (Closed)


Shoe Box MOC (My Own Creation)

Build whatever you want – as long as it fits in a shoe box.

Take a picture of it in the shoe box. (Hint – shoe boxes come in lots of sizes as do feet!)

Only LEGO® parts allowed.  No clones parts, no LLD (LEGO® Digital Designer) or any other Digital building programs – Must be a physical model.

Email photos of your entry to our email address. clearly indicating what age group and category you are entering and include the child’s name.   Max 3 pictures.  Start posting from 7th September and the competition closes 20th September at 11:59pm. Judges decision is final (will be judged by a panel of Rotarians).

Every entry will be posted on our Facebook page.  It is a busy time leading up to the show so it is not possible to post entries as soon as received.  Please be assured the entry will be posted, it just may take some time depending on the number of entries received.

Please note: all photos posted on our Bricktober – Perth Facebook page may be used for promotional purposes.

Prizes available in the following age groups:-

BOYS               Age 3yrs – 6yrs                        GIRLS   Age 3yrs – 6yrs

BOYS               Age 7yrs – 12yrs                     GIRLS   Age 7yrs – 12 yrs

BOYS               Age 13yrs -17yrs                     GIRLS   Age 13yrs – 17yrs

ADULTS         18 and over (all entries)

Each winner is to bring their winning entry to a photo shoot and interview day on Saturday 26th September when they will also receive a Bricktober-Perth t-shirt. At that time they will be photographed with the Shoe Box MOC and interviewed by Mr Brick about their creation.

The winning entries will be featured in our online virtual show as part of the 31 days of Bricktober.

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