LEGO® groups in Perth

Perth and WA has a number of LEGO® groups and Blog Sites operating:


West Coast LUG

The West Coast LEGO® Users Group, is a collection of committed and enthusiastic fans of LEGO® that help support and run the annual exhibition Bricktober-Perth.

The group ran its first show in 2014, it was such a success and the public asked for more so the group continued to build Perth’s largest, fan build, dedicated exhibition of models built from Lego® in WA.

The group participates in other shows and runs multiple small display days and opportunities for children to be involved in the LEGO® Play Experience.

We also run regular meetings where we get together to build, play games and discuss all things LEGO®

Find our Facebook page here

We have a Public Group here

AFOLS (Adult Fan of LEGO®) interested in more information about the West Coast LUG, please email us at.

Please note any new memberships are reviewed after each Bricktober-Perth show.

WCLUG is a Recognised LEGO® User Group by LEGO® (RLUG)

Great Ball Contraptions Perth

Liam Shirren was the first exhibitor at Bricktober-Perth 2017 to display a Great Ball Contraption (GBC).

In 2019 he was joined by a number of other Exhibitors and they won the Peoples Choice Award at Bricktober-Perth 2018.

They have a Facebook page and plan to exhibit again at Bricktober-Perth 20219 and to do other displays and shows.

WABS – Western Australia Brick Society

The longest running one is the WABS (Western Australia Brick Society) formally PALS (Perth Adult LEGO® Society)

Who they are:

We love our LEGO® and we want to show you some fantastic stuff we’ve been creating over here in Perth, Western Australia.

In late 2007, a small group of like-minded adult LEGO® enthusiasts met up Sunday mornings to create a train and town layout for the 2008 Model Train Show.  We won Most Popular Exhibit and had a great time running the display.  A few more people have joined the group since then, allowing us to build bigger and better displays filled with unique creations.

Contact Here  (

Find them on facebook as WA Brick Society – LEGO fan group

WABS is a Recognised LEGO® User Group by LEGO® (RLUG)

There are many LEGO® Groups on Facebook.

Most of them are closed groups as they have found in the past that they where being spammed a lot by non LEGO® posts, so they are now closed groups that you need to ask to join.


Perth LUG

Formed in 2014 by Richie and Dale.

The Perth LEGO® Users Group is a Facebook based group that started in Jan 2014 and is now a RLOC (Recognised LEGO® Online Community)

Perth LUG has been set up to create a friendly online social network for the Perth LEGO® community.
We welcome posts about anything LEGO® related. We especially like to see what you are building so feel welcome to post photos and tell us about them.

The group is a closed Facebook group so you need to ask to join

They have over 3500 members.

Perth LUG is a Recognised LEGO® Online Community.Perth  (RLOC)


BricktasticBlog is a LEGO® review, news and fan site run by John Geijsman

Hi! My name is John. I’m a massive fan of LEGO®! I’ve been playing with these magical bricks since I was a young lad, and have been getting back into collecting! I’m a regular purchaser of LEGO®, and am always on the lookout for new sets and info. I figured at the same time, I’d pass that info on! This site has  set reviews, and also loves to show off the work of the community! If you find something you want to be shown, get in contact with me using the link above.

When I’m not in my LEGO® mindset, I’m a Librarian in Perth, Western Australia. I love the outdoors, music, reading, all things tech and my cat, Smudge.

BricktasticBlog is a Recognised LEGO Fan Media. BricktasticBlog also uses affiliate links to help support the cost of running the site. If you click the link to a LEGO product and buy it or anything else on the LEGO Shop site, I get a very small commission! It’s miniscule – 3%, but it certainly helps!

BricktasticBlog is a Recognised LEGO® Fam Media by LEGO® (RLFM)

Casa de Bricks Blog 

Casa de Bricks is a LEGO® review site operated by Oscar and Adam. Filled with Dad jokes, future dad jokes, LEGO reviews, 3D printed models and other interesting LEGO content.

Hi, I’m Oscar and I have been playing with LEGO ever since I got my first box of bricks.

I would always ask for LEGO City sets for Christmas and my Birthday and it’s still the theme we have the most of in our house. In more recent years I have come to like Star Wars and Minecraft sets too. The coolest things about these are that they both have awesome LEGO counterparts! Most of the time I enjoy reading, playing and tinkering with LEGO, playing Minecraft and using my imagination.

Hi, I’m Adam and for over 30 years I’ve been playing with LEGO bricks. 

After entering the Dark Ages where LEGO took a back seat to other toys (many cars), now that I’ve got two great kids, my LEGO obsession is back with a vengeance. Deep down we all should admit we have children so we can buy LEGO “for the kids”.

Oscar and I love building LEGO sets together, checking out new releases and exploring the joy that LEGO brings to our lives.

Outside of LEGO I work with Data Centres – Huge technical buildings with heaps of power, connectivity and security. They’re where the Cloud lives. I also enjoy Formula 1, Obstacle Course racing and keeping fit. We hope you enjoy the blog!

All About The Brick

All About The Brick – Blogs, reviews, news and commentary on all things LEGO®.

Run by Russell  Burder locate Perth LEGO® Fan

Perth LEGO® Buy,Sell & Swap

This Facebook group is all about, well buying, selling and swapping LEGO® in the Perth area.

They have a lot of sellers who you can connect with and even ask if anyone has a particulate set or part.

The group is a closed Facebook group so you need to ask to join.

They have over 6700 members.

LEGO® buy and sell Perth

Anyone in Perth wanting to make money selling their Lego or for people who are looking to buy some !

They have over 5200 members.

OZLUG, Australian LEGO User Group

The purpose of this group is to:

1. Connect LEGO users from around Australia
2. Create a positive environment where people can share pictures of their MOC’s
3. Share LEGO sales information
4. Provide LEGO news
5. Encourage people of all ages to get interested in LEGO
6. Provide details of various LEGO events around the country

The purpose of this group is NOT to replace existing, well-establish LUGs, it is to try and get people from all of Australia communicating.

The group is a closed Facebook group so you need to ask to join.

They have almost 10400 members.