This year the show is online and 100% free!!!

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We have NEW Content every day. Over 40 Exhibitors from WA with their awesome creations.

31 Days of Bricktober – 1st -31st Oct 2020

Bricktober-Perth The online show – Virtual Show of models built from LEGO® by the fans

Q. How do I contact you?

A. Email us here bricktober2020inquiries@outlook.com

You are able to also contact us via our Facebook page by clicking here.



 Q. What is LEGO®?

A. LEGO® is a construction toy that consists of various sizes and shapes of multicoloured, plastic interlocking bricks. The brick in its present form was launched in 1958  and those first bricks will still fit the bricks of today. Over 61,770 elements and colour combinations have been made over the years.

The building blocks are only limited by your imagination.

Come and see what we have done with them


 Q. When  is this Exhibition?

A.  1st to 31st October 2020

This year the show is online and 100% free!!!

Bricktober-Perth is an annual event that the first year was held  on the 5th of October 2014 at the Belmont Collage Gym for 6 hours on one day.

The second and third year was at the  larger venue,  Cannington Exhibition Centre in 2015 and  2016.

In 2017, we  moved to the larger, all under one roof venue of  Curtin Stadium.


Q. Will you be having Bricktober as an annual event?

A. Yes. Bricktober as an annual.  As Rotarians we are committed to helping the local community and see this event as an exciting fun project to help promote LEGO® play in the community.

This year will be our 7th show:

 For more information about the benefits of LEGO® play, visit:

We also exhibit from time to time at other shows and events.  Keep watching our Facebook page for updates of where we will be next.

Thanks to your feedback ..this year tickets are  available online prior to the event.


Q. Where  is this Exhibition?

A. This exhibition this year is online.



Q. How many LEGO® Pieces are on show?

A. In 2014 it was estimated that were are over 300,000 individual LEGO® elements in the displays!

In 2015 we had over 19  LEGO® enthusiasts bring their displays  and share their passion for  LEGO® brick building.  We had 60 tables of LEGO® awesomeness.

In 2016 we had over 100 tables and 38 Exhibitors.

In 2017 we had over 250 tables/desks and 48 Exhibitors.

In 2018 we had a record 298 tables/desks and 66 Exhibitors.

2019 we have 210 m2 of displays and over 300 desks built by 70 Exhibitors!!!!

We also have the largest LEGO® play area in Australia at any Fan Show,

850 m2 plus


 Q. Is Bricktober-Perth a business & do people make money out of it?

A. Bricktober-Perth is NOT a business, it’s a community event run by The Rotary Club of Ascot and other volunteers.

ALL funds collected by the Rotary Club go back to the community, every person volunteers and is not paid.

The event is governed by a committee that organises the event, they are overseen by a Board of Directors that monitor what they do, the board is monitored by the Rotary International District 9465 that reports activities and oversees the compliance and above board activities of the Rotary Club.

The Ascot Rotary Club (Inc) is incorporated and governed by a Club constitution, By-Laws and is fully compliant will all state laws pertaining to Incorporated entity in WA.

The club has an ABN and is register with the Australia Tax department, we are not registered for GST as we are not required by federal law to be. ABN 22 340 402 532 https://abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View?id=22340402532

We have a Charitable collections licence and are fully compliant with all state and federal laws to collect money and donations. Licence number 20901 http://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/…/licensed-charities-p-z-and-…

We have our accounts audited each year and a copy is scrutinised by the Board of Directors, the District and a copy is sent to the relevant government department.

We also have a registered Charitable trust that is fully compliant and registered with the WA government, we have a separate ABN for that entity and it is registered with the Australia tax department as a DGR status, Deductible Gift Recipient. ABN 86 885 686 946 https://abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View?id=86885686946

So when you by a ticket or make a donation to Bricktober-Perth, you know that the money is going to where its suppose to and its all at arms length.

Plus its 100% of funds raised, no admin fees are deducted.

Thank you for your support of this project and event, so far we have donated over 445,000 bricks in 45 tubs with a value of $72,000,  all raised through the efforts of Bricktober-Perth, WA’s largest, Fan build Lego show.

Bricktober-Perth is a team of people, all committed to doing things right and correct and accountable.

We are an event Built by the Community for the Community.