Exhibitors Conditions and Regulations plus Exhibitors Code of Practice 2021

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Exhibitors Conditions and Regulations 2021


(We may open them again once we have allocated the tables and if we have room)

  1. Contents



3.The Conditions of Exhibiting………….3

4.Minimum Age………………….3

5.First Time Exhibitors……………….3

6.Collaborations and Group Builds………..4

7.Exhibitor Briefing…………..4

8.Communication Cut Off………4

9.Show Times ………….5

9.1 Friday (Bump in/setup day)……….5

9.2 Saturday………..5

9.3 Sunday …………6


11.Attendance …………6

12.Exhibit Subject Limitations…………6


14.Interacting With the Public and Other Exhibitors…………8

15.Selling at the Show ……8

16.Exhibit Display Construction……..9

16.1 Non LEGO®  elements…………9

16.2 Display Support Construction and Safety….9

16.3 Non-LEGO® elements……9

16.4 Mr Brick Certification…..9

17.Display Name………..10

18.Exhibitor Types…………….10




22.Presentation Event ………11

23.Security at the Show………..12

24.Social Media/Promoting Display…..12

25.Electrical Equipment…..12

26.Costume Play (cosplay)…………..13

27.Breach of Codes……….13

27.1 Disputes…………….13

28.Communication …………14

28.1 With the Committee…………14

28.2 Points of Contact  ……….14

  1.            Introduction

Have Fun

Thank you for expressing interest in Bricktober-Perth and above all, we want you to have fun – getting involved in Bricktober-Perth, building and displaying what you have created is a great thing and helps promote the hobby of LEGO® and goes towards raising funds for the community.

Bricktober-Perth is a project of the Rotary Club of Ascot (Inc). and all the funds raised go towards the community and help promote LEGO® clubs for children, eradicate Polio from the world, build a better community and alleviate hardship.

Please see our web site for more details of where the funds raised have gone to make the world a better place. www.bricktober.info/about/.

In order to run a successful, sustainable and safe event, we need a framework for everyone to abide by.  Some of the conditions may seem harsh, but they are there to promote a smooth, successful and safe event.  This code of conduct also acts as a Frequently Asked Questions document and more often than not you will find the answer to your query here.


Given the strange times we are living in and the challenges of containing and controlling the spread of Covid-19 we are bound by Government Guidelines.  The show will go ahead unless there is a lockdown or if the capacity requirements have been reduced to make the running of the show unviable.  We are also subject to venue guidelines set in place by Curtin Stadium.

We will all need to be flexible and accommodating to the changing conditions and we reserve the right to change, alter and update these conditions and regulations.

Exhibitor Applications – Close 31st July

  1. The Conditions of Exhibiting

By submitting an application to exhibit at Bricktober-Perth you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions outlined below. Any breaches will be dealt with as outlined in Section 27 below.

If your display is taller than 1m high, it needs to be assessed by the committee for its stability and safety.

Step One – If you are interested in Exhibiting, first you need to fill in an Expression of interest to Exhibit.   All Expressions of Interest will be considered by the Committee and if we are happy with your expression we will ask you to fill in a full application, or we will ask for more information if we have any questions or queries. If it would be your first time Exhibiting at Bricktober-Perth, we may even ask to meet with you first.

Once your application has been completed it will be considered by the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Ascot and you will be advised of the outcome.  If you are successful, you will be invited to exhibit at the show by email.  The email will contain the link to the Exhibitor Application.

In submitting this Expression of interest and Application, it does not automatically mean you have been successful. If we decide to accept your application to exhibit, you will be invited to exhibit.

We do not in any way or form, convey to you the RIGHT to exhibit at our show just because you have submitted an application or expression to Exhibit. The organising committee reserve the full right to invite and permit who we want at the show. If we decide that your application and any future applications are not suitable or we will not invite you to the show, you acknowledge that you have no rights, real or implied, to demand to be part of the show.

Step Two – If you are successful with an invitation to exhibit at Bricktober-Perth, you will be advised via email. Your invitation to exhibit is completely at the discretion of the Board or Directors of The Rotary Club of Ascot, based on a number of considerations and criteria, and the decision of the Directors is final, no further discussion will be entered into. Once your exhibit has been approved it may not be changed.

The Exhibitor Application closes 31st July

  1. Minimum Age

The minimum age for exhibitors is 16 years of age at the commencement of the show.

Displays built by a person under 16, but entered under an adult will not be accepted, and may result in actions outlined in Section 27.

There will be a Junior Builders Display for under 16s to exhibitor as a one-day exhibitor.  Details will be released in early August.

  1. First Time Exhibitors

If you have never exhibited as an Exhibitor before at Bricktober-Perth, the first thing you need to do is fill in the Expression of Interest.

As a first-time exhibitor, we will require some extra information, such as a little about yourself, your involvement in the hobby, some previous models, and some photos of what you intend to display. Our preference is that you have already built it or 80% of it.

We also may ask to meet with you before proceeding any further.

If your application is successful, it is mandatory that you attend a briefing session before the show.

  1. Collaborations and Group Builds

While collaborative builds will be accepted, please be aware that the exhibit will be treated as a single exhibitor for the purpose of the show, with entries only receiving a single exhibitor’s pack, and any prizes will be as per a single exhibitor, no additional prizes will be allocated for collaborative builds.

From time to time, pre-arranged group builds are accepted into Bricktober-Perth at the discretions of the committee.

As with other collaborative builds, any prizes will be on an exhibit basis rather than individual contributors, and will be up to the group how they divide any such prizes. (Other prizes within the group build may be given at the discretion of the group organisers).

Examples of collaborative builds in the past have been

  • – Micropolis 
  • – Apartment Complex
  • – Great Ball Contraption

These group builds are organised separately to Bricktober-Perth. If you have any questions or wish to participate in any of them, please contact the group organisers.

If you wish to organise a Collaborative Build, please put in an Expression of interest for the proposed group.

  1. Exhibitor Briefing

All Exhibitors, new and old, MUST attend the briefing session for this year, even if you have exhibited before or been to a briefing before. Things have changed and we need to ensure all exhibitors understand what happens and how things work. The briefing will be on Sunday 19th of September at 1:30 pm at Curtin Stadium. If you do not attend this briefing, you will be unable to exhibit at Bricktober.

  1. Communication Cut Off

Two weeks out from Bricktober-Perth, we are very busy and need to concentrate on completing the tasks that can only be done just before the show.

Due to the chaotic and event critical nature of the tasks, we may not be able to answer your queries, so please plan ahead and ask all your questions before the 27 Sep 2021.

If you have read the code of conduct, all emails and messages sent to you and asked other Exhibitors but still can’t find the answer to your query, then please contact Joanna or Kerry-Anne by email to bricktober2021exhibitors@outlook.com

There will be some pertinent last-minute procedural information and reminders posted in the Exhibitor Facebook group in the last couple of weeks leading up to Bricktober.

  1. Show Times

9.1 Friday (Bump in/setup day)

  • Doors open – 12 Noon
  • All exhibitors and assistants must sign in and receive their wrist band.
  • Doors close – 7:00 pm (sharp) You MUST exit the building by 7pm.
  • All exhibitors and assistants must sign out.

There is a ramp at the western end for trolleys etc. to access the floor level.  There are also stairs and wheelchair ramps through the main entry doors.

Note: No pallet lifters/jacks are allowed on the stadium floor.

Please ensure you advise the committee of the names of the people that will be helping you set up your display as they will need to register upon your arrival at the venue for bump in. This is an important security measure, with thousands of dollars’ worth of LEGO® being moved around, we need to know who is in the venue.

When you arrive for bump in, you and all your helpers MUST report to the front door to sign in. Do not bring your display in until you have ALL signed in and collected your Exhibitor and Assistant Packs.

9.2 Saturday

  • 7:30 am Doors open – All exhibitors/assistants must sign in.
  • 8:30 am – 9:00 am Sensory session.
  • 9:00 am – 4:15 pm General public sessions.
  • 4:30 pm Doors close.
  • 4:45 pm Group Photo followed by Exhibitor’s Presentations and Awards.
  • All exhibitors and assistants must sign out.
  • This year there will again be an AFOL Night event on the Saturday evening, more details about this will be released in due time. It is a ticketed event, and NOT mandatory for exhibitors to attend.

9.3 Sunday

  • 7:30 am Doors open – All exhibitors/assistants must sign in.
  • 8:30 am – 9:00 am Sensory session.
  • 9:00 am – 4:15 pm General public sessions.
  • 4:15 pm Begin pack up.
  • 4:30 pm Doors close to general public.
  • 4:45 pm Final Exhibitor’s Awards
  • 8:00 pm Doors close. (You must be fully packed up and exited the building, you are not able to return on the Monday for pickups).
  • All exhibitors and assistants must sign out on leaving.

All exhibitors are to ensure their display is attended at all opening hours of the event either by them or their assistant. If your display is not attended you will be asked to remove your exhibit from the event. If you do not remove it or have someone attending for the remainder of the event, it will be removed for you and you will be unable to collect it until bump-out on the Sunday evening.

  1. Parking

10.1 FridayBump in, park in the main Car Park 1

10.2 Saturday and Sunday – Please park in the secondary Parking Car Park 2 Multistorey.

Weekend parking at the venue is free, however fees are payable for Friday bump in day unless you have provided your car registration – this is subject to confirmation by Curtin Stadium.

If you have not provided your car registration, please ensure you register your car at the parking station. Bricktober-Perth will NOT cover any fines you may receive.

Event parking is located in a number of locations around the venue. Maps will be posted closer to the event.  A map is available on our website. https://www.bricktober.info/free-parking-guide/

  1. Attendance

Displays should have someone at them as much as possible throughout the open times of the show. Should you and your assistant/s need to leave your display for any reason, please ask a nearby exhibitor, or the dedicated volunteer to watch your display while you’re absent. However, please be considerate and spend as little time as possible away.

If you are unable to have your display attended for the show then you will be unable to exhibit.

  1. Exhibit Subject Limitations

Rotary’s values – https://rotarynewsonline.org/core-values/

Exhibits are not to contain any subjects that contradict Rotary’s values, or may be deemed inappropriate to children, racist or discriminatory, depictions of overly overt violence and/or gore. Any subject that the committee may consider to be inappropriate for exhibition may be refused.

This is at the committee’s discretion and if you are unsure, please check with the exhibitor coordinator.

The Bricktober-Perth committee reserve the right to refuse any exhibit they deem inappropriate or unfit for display for any reason at any time and may ask for the display to be removed or modified.

If in doubt, ask.

  1. Layout

Display tables are made up by using small student desks, each desk is 600mm long x 900mm deep, with a minimum for 2x tables for exhibits, but can be added to create extra length.

For deeper displays, exhibitors can elect to have 2x tables deep, creating a depth of 1800mm.

The available table sizes are

  • 1200mm long x 900mm deep (standard) or 1800mm (deep)
  • 1800mm long x 900mm deep (standard) or 1800mm (deep)
  • 2400mm long x 900mm deep (standard) or 1800mm (deep)
  • 3600mm long x 900mm deep (standard) or 1800mm (deep)

If you require a larger size, please contact the exhibitor coordinator to express your reasons.

We have a limited number of corner positions, if you would like a corner, please advise us in your application. Positions are allocated on a first in priority.

There will not necessarily be any gaps between display tables. Please consider if you build right up to the edge of your desk/s, it may appear like it is part of your neighbour’s display. (Due to Covid-19 restrictions this may change and we may place a table between displays).

All tables have open backs with NONE being against walls, and as such, consideration for the back of displays should be taken. If you wish to construct a backing board for your display, you may do so, however, we insist that it is kept below standing shoulder height so you can see over it.

Also, with the shape of the layout, the rears of displays will not be easily seen by the public, so any detailing or features on the rear side will not be seen.

Discussions for changing the layout to suit display features will not be entered into.

The layout has exhibitors and assistants being located behind their respective displays. This allows the public to view the displays easier, and also promotes more interaction between exhibitors.

The space in the middle of the displays is limited, and exhibitors are not to use this space for building, or storing excessive boxes etc. Each display table will come with cloth or plastic table cloths draped in the front.  If you need the table tops covered, there will be extra cloth/plastic available. You may store boxes etc. under the tables out of sight from the public.

With the tables being made up of smaller tables, there are slight variations in height. Should your display require a level base, we recommend using a wooden base that can be placed on top of the tables.

A low fence will be set up around the perimeter of the tables to discourage the public touching exhibits, however as seen at previous shows, these fences have a tendency to ‘creep in’ and exhibitors should keep an eye on them and move them back out as required.

  1. Interacting with the Public and Other Exhibitors

Interaction with any person at the show – be it exhibitors, general public, volunteers, or any other person – should be done in a polite friendly manner. Rudeness, bullying, or aggression will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in accordance with section 21.

We also don’t want to see or hear Exhibitors criticising or maligning others displays. If you do, you will be asked to leave the show immediately. Everyone builds to the level and type/style they choice.

If you plan to give away LEGO® at your display as a promotional give away for your LEGO® club, please seek permission from the committee beforehand.

Otherwise, there is strictly NO LEGO® to be given out from the display tables (this includes, but not limited to- Minifigures, elements, key rings, etc.)

Spot the minifigs, guess the number of X, help to build X, or similar activities at exhibitor’s displays are not allowed as this creates hold ups and restricts the flow of the event.

You may hand out business cards to promote your LEGO® club/group, however, if you wish to promote your business, Bricklink store or any entity other than a LEGO® club/Group, you need to apply to be a seller. We no longer allow spruiking of business/stores in the display zone.

There will be opportunity to advertise your Bricklink store through the Community Board and sponsorship of the prizes for the Junior Display Builders.  Further details to be provided closer to the event.

Please seek written permission from the committee beforehand for any handouts.

You can only hand out the cards at your display ONLY, no walking around in other locations bothering or harassing the public.

Handing out “how to vote for my display” in the People’s Choice Award is considered bad form and will not be tolerated.

You can NOT have the LEGO® logo or any other registered LEGO® trade marks on your card without expressed permission from The LEGO®  Group.

  1. Selling at the Show

No sales are permitted in the exhibition area or at your table. Exhibitors who sell whilst exhibiting will be asked to refrain from doing so and if they still continue, they will be asked to leave by the Operations Manager.

Should you wish to sell at Bricktober, an application can be made to be a stall holder, but please note that a person cannot both sell and exhibit at the event. Nor can you register a family member or friend to exhibit your displays while you sell or vice a versa.

Sales include, but are not limited to, goods, services, advertising or raffle tickets etc.

If you wish to sell and/or promote your Bricklink store or business, YOU MUST put in a seller’s application. You can NOT Exhibit and promote your store at the same time.

  1. Exhibit Display Construction

16.1 Non LEGO®  elements

Exhibit models are to be built only from genuine LEGO® elements.

16.2 Clone or knock off brands (including, but not limited to – megabloks, decool, cobi, sluban, Lepin etc) are not permitted.

16.3 Non-LEGO® elements are to be discussed with organisers beforehand and permission confirmed, plus declared to the public. (This includes, but not limited to – Brickarms, Sbrick, Big Bens wheels, ME track, custom 3D printed parts, third party lighting systems.)

This declaration also includes, but not limited to, any glued, painted, cut, modified, customised components* and also includes structural materials such as metal, wire, hidden structures etc.

(*modified parts are defined as LEGO® elements that have been changed in such a way that they can no longer be returned to their original state.)

Our preference is you don’t use the above, however, if you do, these will need to fully disclose it to the public.

Third party stickers and custom-made stickers will be accepted, but should be openly declared to the public.

16.4 Display Support Construction and Safety

Any non-LEGO® components used in the construction or to support the display, must be declared to the committee and approved. This includes wood, metal, glass etc.

MDF, timber, plywood sheet maybe used under the display to assist with transport of the display and does not need to be declared to the committee.

16.5 Mr Brick Certification

Exhibitors using only LEGO® products and no glued, painted, cut, modified or customised components, will receive a Mr Brick Stamp of Certification to put up with their display.  Exhibitors are encouraged to achieve this certification.

Displays are to be placed on the supplied desks and not placed on the ground unless prior special case permission has been granted.

Cases that may be considered include, but are not limited to – large mosaics on easels, mannequins for LEGO® built clothing, etc.


  1. Display Name

Please think of the display’s name carefully.

When you place your application, the name you submit will be used as the name on the container for the public to vote for the People’s Choice Award and will not be changed. There will be a laminated A4 or A5 size poster to show the name of your display.

You will also be given an opportunity to provide an Exhibitor display description, this is a single sheet of paper that is used to described your display to the public. If you do not provide the description, we will simply use the name of your display.

  1. Exhibitor Types

We have three classes of Exhibitor, they are:

18.1 Full Exhibitor.

18.2 Minor Exhibitor -someone displaying on two desks as a Small Display with a Number 1 Standard size display of 1200mm long by 900mm Deep.

18.3 Group Builds. For example – Micropolis, Apartment Complex and Great Ball Contraption

Minor Exhibitors and Group builds do NOT receive the same gratuity level as Full Exhibitors (if gratuities are offered).

It is completely at the discretion of the committee as to the levels of gratuity each class of exhibitor receives.

  1. Assistants

Exhibitors are allowed to nominate up to 1x assistant when they register and only one assistant will receive an assistant Pack. If you require extra assistants, you must seek approval by the Exhibitor Coordinator before the event, however, still only one assistant pack will be supplied (as per section 19).

The assistants are there to assist setting up displays, watching the table and anything else the exhibitor may need.

As an Exhibitor, you are responsible for your Assistant/s behaviour and conduct and YOU will be held responsible for their actions.

Assistants are bound by the same Code of conduct and Conditions and Regulations as Exhibitors.

If you do not require any Assistants, please write in the box “No Assistant/s” and continue on with the online application form. If your assistant/s are under 16, we understand if they don’t have an email or mobile.

  1. Gratuities

As an exhibitor at Bricktober-Perth 2021, you will receive the following gratuities,

Exhibitors will receive:

  • ‘EXHIBITOR 2021’ brick badge.
  • Free entry to the show on both days
  • New Bricktober Exhibitor Polo shirt.
  • Vouchers for refreshments from selected stalls.
  • Access to Green Room.

The Exhibitor Polo shirt will be available this year for all Exhibitors only.  You must order the shirt in the Exhibitor’s size.  The Polo shirt is not for other people or Exhibitor to wear.  The Exhibitor Polo shirt will then be used at future Bricktobers.  New Exhibitors each year will receive a Polo shirt, but those who have exhibited before will use the shirt they already have.  There will be a cost for a replacement Polo shirt.

ONE Nominated assistant per exhibitor will receive:

  • ‘ASSISTANT’ brick badge
  • Free entry to the show on both days
  • Bricktober-Perth shirt
  • Vouchers for refreshments from selected stalls.
  • Access to Green Room.

(First time exhibitors and assistants will also receive a magnetic BRICKTOBER-PERTH brick badge with a name brick).

Other gratuities may be offered from time to time, but these are not set, and should not be expected.

  1. Voting

There are a number of categories for prizes, one of them being People’s Choice Award. This is voted by the general public and sending your child up to vote multiple times for the People’s Choice Award is unacceptable. If this occurs then your exhibit may not be eligible for the People’s Choice Award.

We will have an “Exhibitors Choice Award” that is voted on the best display by the Exhibitors, this will be strictly one vote per Exhibitor.

  1. Presentation Event

There will be a short presentation event at the close of the last session on Saturday.  Presentation of the prizes awarded for pre-determined competition categories will be presented.  An independent judge or judges will make the decision during the show on Saturday.

All exhibitors and assistants are requested to make themselves available for the group photo at the beginning of the presentations.

  1. Security at the Show

Only Exhibitors and their registered Assistant/s plus a designated Bricktober Rotarian Volunteer are allowed within the POD barricades and behind the display desks.  All people in the POD will be required to wear their wristband or in the case of volunteers, a Bricktober Volunteer Vest.

To promote interaction between exhibitors, you may visit fellow Exhibitors in other PODs from time to time.

A POD Monitor stationed in each pod will have a full list of authorised names of people that are authorised to enter the POD areas. You may be requested to supply your name, brick badge and wrist band when entering or at any time within the pod. Failure to do this will result in you being refused entry, or being asked to leave the pod.

Any unauthorised persons found within the pod will be reported to organisers, and further action may be taken in accordance with section 26.

There will be security on the premises on the Friday and Saturday nights to safeguard the displays.

  1. Social Media/Promoting Display

Please also keep in mind that publicising photos of your exhibit on social media before the show diminishes the value of the model being unveiled at Bricktober-Perth.  We understand that you may want to release teaser photos and details, but ask that you don’t publicise it in full. Some tasteful, framed photos can promote interest in the display, but a montage of photos showing every detail takes away the surprise for fans.

If your application is accepted you will be added to the Bricktober Perth Exhibitors 2021 page if not already a member.  This is a closed group for exhibitors only (not assistants) and will allow for discussions on how you are progressing and allow you to share a bit more information on your exhibit.  Current 2020 members who are not exhibiting in 2021 will be removed around the application closing date.

  1. Electrical Equipment

Access to power is limited. Exhibitors are encouraged to discuss their requirements with organisers before submitting an application to exhibit.

All electrical equipment must be tagged and in date by a suitably qualified person. Any equipment not tagged at the event will be required to be removed immediately.

  1. Costume Play (cosplay)

Bricktober-Perth has a number of roaming Cosplayers to entertain the crowds, pose for photographs, etc. These cosplayers have a specific set of rules, and are bound by the cosplay code of conduct.

In the past some Exhibitors have participated in dressing up at the show, i.e., a LEGO® licensed character or a LEGO® built costume or MOC.

The preference is that you wear your Bricktober Polo shirt and badge as this identifies you as part of the team; however, if you wish to dress up and spend some time in character dress or wearable LEGO®, you can under the following conditions.

  • Wear your badge.
  • When in costume you stay behind the barricades next to your display.
  • Costumes should be well fitting and in good condition.  If the Operations Manager considered the outfit inappropriate you may be asked to change.
  • If your costume covers your face/head, or impedes communication, you must have your assistant present to answer questions etc. asking another Exhibitor or volunteer to look after your display to go play is not fair on the other Exhibitor/volunteer.

Any exhibitors also dressing in cosplay will need to follow these rules, as well as abide by the cosplay code of conduct.

Please speak to the Partners/Activities coordinator about the Code of Conduct before the event. 

  1. Breach of Codes

Upon notification of breach of any of these rules, the organisers of Bricktober-Perth may employ any or all of the following actions, or further action as deemed appropriate by the committee.

  • Direction to cease certain actions or activities.
  • Removal or modification of any or all of your display.
  • Immediate removal from the show.
  • Exclusion from future shows, as both exhibitor or patron.
  • Immediate removal from all Bricktober-Perth Facebook pages and groups and banning from such pages and groups, existing and future.
  • Referral to appropriate bodies (i.e.: police)

Touching, interfering with, stealing or removing other’s displays and components will not be tolerated and may result in you being immediately removed from the event and the police may be called.

BRICKTOBER is a smoke, drug and alcohol-free event (Except for the AFOL night which will be BYO) as our audience is predominantly children.

If it is believed that a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be asked to leave, and authorities may be contacted and it may impact your future applications from being accepted.

Violence or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

27.1 Disputes

If any disputes occur, they should be reported to the Operations Manager/Volunteer Co-ordinator who will initiate an investigation.  The course of action adopted will depend on the severity of the incident.

Bricktober will ensure that:

  • complaints will be investigated promptly;
  • each party will be given a fair opportunity to express their version of events;
  • witnesses will also be asked to give their statements;
  • the alleged perpetrator will be treated as innocent unless the allegations are proven.

If the dispute/incident is not able to be resolved immediately then the Bricktober Committee will review and take further action in an attempt to resolve the issue.

All file notes relating to the report will be kept in specially provided locked files.  Only staff involved in particular processes under this policy will have access to these files.

  1. Communication

28.1 With the Committee

Our preferred communication form is EMAIL.

Facebook posts, private messages, phone calls, in person are problematic in they are not achievable and easily searchable for the committee.

If you want to change your table request, theme, assistant name, etc. you need to do it via EMAIL.

If done via private message or a Facebook post, it makes it very difficult for us to track, archive and act on your message. If it is not done via email, we make no guarantee that the request will be acted on.

We are ok with you asking a question or a clarification via non-email, it is just that we will not receive and act on an official request or directive from you via non-email.

28.2 Points of Contact

By submitting an application, it does not automatically mean you have been successful.

If we decide to accept your application to exhibit, you will be invited to exhibit.

We do not in any way or form, convey to you the RIGHT to exhibit at our show just because you have submitted an application.

If we decide that your application and any future applications are not suitable or we do not invite you to the show, you acknowledge that you have no rights, real or implied, to demand to be part of the show.

Any further questions, please contact

Joanna Kendall or Kerry-Anne Andrew


NOTE: Official responses will only be done via email. No Facebook posts or private messages.

All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their owners.
Copyright –The Rotary Club Ascot Rotary Inc.

This document is the property of

The Rotary Club Ascot Rotary Inc.


Exhibitors Code of Conduct

Bricktober-Perth’s Code of Conduct requires Exhibitors to understand, accept and behave according to the following standards:

  • Your exhibits are not to contain any subjects that contradict Rotary’s values, may be deemed inappropriate to children, racist, or discriminatory, depictions of overt violence and/or gore. Any subject that the committee may consider to be inappropriate for exhibition may be refused.
  • You acknowledge that as an exhibitor you are representing Bricktober-Perth and must do so in a positive, honest, fair and respectful manner when dealing with patrons, exhibitors, volunteers, supporters, food vendors etc. (This includes when using social networking sites e.g., Facebook and Twitter).
  • You agree never to be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs whilst at the Bricktober-Perth event and refrain from smoking as Curtin University Campuses are a smoke free zone.
  • You agree that you have no convictions, spent or otherwise and no outstanding warrants or charges pending against you that would exclude you from working with other exhibitors, assistants or interacting with vendors, volunteers, cosplayers, others and the general public at this event.
  • You agree to sign in and out of the sessions including the times that you enter and exit.
  • You agree not to speak to the media on behalf of Bricktober-Perth, unless authorised to do so.
  • You agree not to touch, interfere with, steal or remove other’s exhibits and components.
  • You behave in a manner consistent with Bricktober’s Equal Opportunity, Harassment and Bullying Policy.
  • You agree to follow any reasonable instruction given by the Bricktober-Perth Operations Manager during your activity.
  • You authorise Bricktober-Perth to use names and/or any photographs of exhibitors and assistants taken in newsletters, press releases and other publications produced to illustrate and promote Bricktober-Perth’s work.
  • You agree to wear your Bricktober-Perth t-shirt at all times and accept that thongs are not to be worn or that you have bare feet.
  • You agree to take reasonable care of your own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of those around you, whilst exhibiting for Bricktober-Perth; including immediately reporting any incidents or risks to health and safety as soon as they occur.
  • You agree to contact and consult the Bricktober-Perth Operations Manager with any emergencies or queries, concerns and/or grievances.
  • You agree to abide by all the Exhibitors Conditions and Regulations as set out in a separate document.
  • You agree that any breaches of this Code of Conduct may result in instant expulsion from the event and/or refusal to exhibit again in coming years.
  • Breaches of this Code of Conduct will be dealt with promptly and fairly by the Operations Manager, Rotarian and/or Bricktober-Perth Committee dependent upon the issue and you agree that any decisions made shall be final and binding.

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