Bricktober 2017 Sellers, Terms and Conditions




Saturday 7th October 2017 8.00 am-4:15 pm (SETUP 7-8AM)
Sunday 8th October 2017 8.00 am-4:15 pm (SETUP 7-8AM)

Curtin Stadium
Kent St, Bentley WA 6102

6% of your sales figures or $120 for two days, whichever is higher.
Registrations close on the 1st October 2017 or once all spaces are taken.


1          The Rotary Club of Ascot has exclusive rights to sell Minifigures, T-shirts, Caps and Beanies.In submitting this application you agree to NOT bring or try to sell any  individual Minifigures, T-shirts, Beanies or Caps at the show. Minifigures contained in sets is ok to sell by Sellers.


2          The seller will supply their own tables. The organisers reserve the right to limit the number of tables space allocated to any one seller and ensure a variety of sellers are represented.


3          Setup time is from 7.00am until 8:30 on Saturday and Sunday, any vendors not set up by this time will be excluded from the event with vendor space being forfeited. (the seller location is outside, but under cover. there are no fences or gates, so sellers will need to be packed up each night).


4          Closing time is 4:15pm. Sellers are obliged to continue trading until this time. There is no exception to this rule, if this rule is broken, you will be excluded from selling at future events

5          Bricktober is an exhibition of Lego to celebrate the creativity, art and history of the Lego Group. Lego clones, knock-offs, and counterfeit products will not be allowed.  Vendors agree not to display, sell or promote any counterfeit, clone or knock off products and/or product merchandise that does not enhance family values.  (Bricktober management has the right to exercise discretion with respect to product merchandise that does not enhance family values).


Products designed to add to the Lego products where Lego does not produce that product are ok, for example, “Brick arms” Big Bens wheels etc.

If you wish to sell any of this type of product, you must inform the Bricktober committee beforehand and fully disclose what type of Lego complimentary products you wish to sell. The Bricktober committee will determine if you are allowed to bring and sell that product.


6          The principal seller plus 2 assistants per table is generally allowed. Please discuss with the organisers in advance if extra people are required.


7          All stock is to be stored or removed on  Saturday night, you will be allowed to store it inside the locked venue, but must have it moved first thing in the morning.


8          Security and personal safety is each respective sellers responsibility.
Bricktober-Perth and the Rotary Club of Ascot (Inc) will not be held responsible for any loss resulting from any accidents, fire, theft or injury that may occur within the venue or surroundings during any period of the show or during setup/dismantling.


9          Any cancellations must be submitted to the Bricktober committee in writing, and at least 7 days in advance. Sellers having difficulty in attending on the day must call Stephen


11        A deposit of $120 is to be paid at least 7 days before the show otherwise organisers can not guarantee any space can be allocated.

12        The Rotary Club of Ascot reserves the right to refuse any applications to sell at the show.


Payment to be made at the time of booking. We accept payment by direct deposit or cheque.
Cheques should be made out to : Rotary Club of Ascot Bricktober
Direct deposit details are: BSB: 036-065 Acc: 395458





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