BRICKTOBER-PERTH 2017 Exhibitor code of conduct

By submitting an application to exhibit at Bricktober you agree to all the terms below and to abide by them. You acknowledge that you will be at least 16 years of age at the commencement of the show and that only one person can be the exhibitor. We do not recognise exhibits as joint exhibits and as such any prizes won by an exhibit are only one prize per exhibit. If you build with other people that is ok and fine, just that for the purposes of the show, only one person is recognised as the official exhibitor.

The only exception to this rule is the group builds of Micropolis and Great Ball Contraption. But still, each person needs to register as an exhibitor and follow all the conditions of the show. If any of those displays wins a prize, its up to the builders to work out how they divvy up the prize.

We also do not allow people to simply drop of a display and not attend the show for the duration.

Show times

Friday (Bump in/setup day)

  • Doors open – 12 Noon
  • Doors close – 9:00 pm (sharp-you MUST exit the building)

There is a ramp at the western end for trolleys etc to access the floor level.

There are also stairs and wheelchair ramps through the main entry doors.


  • Doors open – 7:45 am
  • Sensory session – 8 am – 9 am
  • General public – 9 am – 4:15 pm
  • Doors close – 4:30 pm (you must have exited the building)


  • Doors open – 7:45 am
  • Sensory session – 8 am – 9 am
  • General public – 9 am – 4:15 pm
  • Begin pack up – 4:15pm
  • Doors close – 8:00 pm (you must be fully packed up and exited the building, there is NO coming back on Monday)


Weekend parking at the venue is free, however fees are payable for Friday bump in day. Please ensure you register your car at the parking station. Bricktober will NOT cover any fines you may receive.

Event parking is located in a number of locations around the venue, maps will be posted closer to the event


Displays should have someone attending the table as much as often throughout the open times of the show. Should you and your assistants need to leave your display for any reason, please ask a nearby exhibitor, or volunteer to watch your display while you’re absent.

We do not allow people to simply drop of a display and not attend the show for the duration.

Any interaction with any person at the show, be it exhibitors, general public, volunteers, or any other person, should be done in a polite friendly manner, and rudeness, bullying, or aggression will not be tolerated.

Exhibit subject limitations

Exhibits are not to contain any subjects that contradict Rotary’s values, may be deemed inappropriate to children, racist, or discriminatory.

Any subject that the committee may consider to be inappropriate for exhibition may be refused.

The Bricktober committee reserve the right to refuse any exhibit they deem inappropriate or unfit for display for any reason at any time, and may ask for the display to be removed.

If in doubt, ask.


Tables are 600 long x900mm deep, with a minimum for 2 tables for exhibits, but can be added to create extra length (ie: 1200, 1800, 2400, etc.)

Exhibitors can request to have 2 tables deep, creating a depth of 1800mm.

All tables have open backs and are not against walls, and as such, consideration for the back of displays should be considered.

If you wish to construct a backing board for your display you may do that, we advice you keep it below standing shoulder height so you can see over it.

A fence will be set up around the perimeter of tables to discourage the public touching, however as seen at previous shows, these fences have a tendency to ‘creep in’ and exhibitors should keep an eye on them and move them back out if required.

The layout for this year has changed in that exhibitors and assistants will be located behind their respective displays. This allows the public to view the displays easier, and also promotes more interaction between exhibitors.

The space in the middle of the displays is limited, and exhibitors are requested to not use this space for building, or storing excessive boxes etc. Each table will come with plastic table cloths that will cover the top and front of the tables. You may store boxes etc. under the tables, out of sight from the public.

No sales are permitted in the exhibition area or at your table,  as this slows the flow of public navigating the displays.

Should you wish to sell at Bricktober, an application can be made to be a stall holder, but please note that a person cannot both sell and exhibit at the event.

Sales include, but are not limited to, goods, services, advertising or raffle tickets etc.

You may hand out business cards to promote your Lego® club/group.

If you’re not sure, please discuss your request with the organiser.

Exhibit display construction

Exhibit models are to be built only from genuine Lego® elements.

Any non- Lego® parts are to be discussed with organisers beforehand and declared to the public. (this includes, but not limited to – brickarms, Sbrick, big bens wheels, ME track, etc.

This declaration includes any glued, painted, cut, modified, customised components.

‘Clone’ or knock off brands such as megabloks, decool, cobi, sluban, etc. will NOT be accepted.


Exhibitors will receive an EXHIBITOR 2017 brick to add to their Bricktober badge,

(First time exhibitors will also receive a magnetic BRICKTOBER brick badge with a name brick)

Exhibitors will also receive a Bricktober pack containing

  • Bricktober shirt
  • Bricktober cap
  • Vouchers for refreshments from selected stalls.

Exhibitors are allowed to nominate up to 1 assistant.

This assistant is there to assist setting up displays, watching the table and anything else the exhibitor may need.

Nominated assistant will each receive

  • free entry to the show.
  • free Bricktober pack. Containing shirt, cap, and refreshment vouchers.

You may have other Assistants, but we only furnish you with ONE Assistant pack.

Promoting display

Please also keep in mind that publicising photos of your creation on social media before the show diminishes the value of the model being unveiled at Bricktober.  We understand that you may want to release teaser photos and details, but ask that you don’t publicise it in full. Some tasteful, framed photos can promote interest in the display, but a montage of photos showing every detail takes away the surprise for fans.

Electrical equipment

Access to power is limited. You are encouraged to discuss your requirements with organisers before submitting your application to exhibit.

Any electrical equipment must be tagged by a suitably qualified person.

BRICKTOBER is a smoke, drug  and alcohol free event.

If it is believed that a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be asked to leave, and authorities may be contacted.

By submitting an application to exhibit at Bricktober-Perth, you agreed to abide by all these conditions.

If your application is successful you will be contacted and invited to display.

Any further questions, please contact

Stephen ‘Mr Bricktober’ Kendall.

(note : responses will only be done through email, no Facebook posts or private messages)



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